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We are dedicated to carrying on Dr. Atkins' medical legacy by combining traditional and complementary therapies to help achieve balanced health and an improved quality of life.

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Medical and nutritional therapies provided at the Center for Balanced Health are customized to target the causes of specific health conditions and to improve quality of life.

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Make an appointment today to see one of our specialists to begin living a happier and healthier life. Simply give us a call or send an email and we will immediately respond.

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Improving Quality of Life

Our experienced staff looks forward to having the opportunity to partner with you on your road to success.

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Obesity can be a complex and multi-factorial condition. Treatment must be targeted to the underlying causes. Unlike many health care professionals, we believe that lack of success is not your fault. We can help you.

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Are you hungry 1-2 hours after meals? Are you excessively hungry or thirsty? These are some of the symptoms consistent with unstable blood sugar, pre-diabetes, diabetes or hypoglycemia.

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Heart Disease

Controlling carbohydrate intake can significantly decrease triglycerides, aids in weight loss and helps decrease blood pressure. Balancing healthy fats, avoiding trans-fats along with consuming adequate fiber and exercise can decrease LDL and increase HDL.


Hormonal Imbalance

Unbalanced hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA) in women can lead to fatigue, weight gain, decreased sex drive, sleep disturbance, fertility problems, mood swings and hot flashes.


Under Active Thyroid

Are you often fatigued or are your energy levels consistently low? Thyroid hormone plays a major role in regulating metabolism, energy levels, body temperature and in keeping the brain, heart and muscles functioning well.

Keith Berkowitz
Keith Berkowitz
Beata Kombel
Beata Kombel
A.A.S., BSN, R.N.

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The staff at Center for Balanced Health welcomes you to our specialty practice.

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